Reach for the Stars

Motivating Your Sales Force

Tom Whittaker's Inspirational TalksUsing the same classic ingredients and combining a compelling life portfolio with award winning video, Whittaker takes his audience on a roller coaster journey to the roof of the world. Although your sales force may not experience bone chilling cold, crossing bottomless crevasses, and fight gale force winds, they do face the challenge of consistently doing more and working smarter, and faster in the face of a severe economic climate. Under your leadership and direction, the motivation and confidence of your sales team play a critical role in your companies success.

Tom Whittaker works with you to understand your unique needs and weave your messages seamlessly into his presentation so that your people hear your themes and values in the context of his rich life portfolio and his lofty achievements.

Topics Include:

  • Articulating the vision
  • Embracing the dream
  • Belief in the outcome
  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Overcoming Rejection
  • Reaching the summit