Seeking Your Summit

Discover your Purpose—Leave a Legacy

Tom Whittaker believes that the key to achieving satisfaction and a sense of inner peace is to discover your passion and pursue it relentlessly. His personal message is to "Live an Important Life" by seeking a balance between Success (status, power, material wealth) and Significance (making a difference and being admired and valued by those you touch.)

Whittaker explains how the old Tom Whittaker perished on a frozen highway in Idaho and how, out of the broken bag of bones he reinvented the new Tom Whittaker. A person that doesn't do things because "That's the way they're always done" but does them because "It's never been done before."

As a school boy he was “written off” by an educational system that, at the age of 9, streamed him into a vocational training backwater for non academic children. Despite this damming indictment, the new Tom Whittaker earned two masters degrees, pursued a PhD at Colorado State University and wrote a book. And again, at 31 This world class mountaineer was written off by the climbing community but despite having both legs crushed, his knees destroyed and right foot amputated he proved them wrong by taking a ‘never walk again’ prognosis to the Roof of the World.

It was this Tom Whittaker that was honored at a Royal Investiture by Queen Elisabeth II at Buckingham Palace for his service to mountaineering and people with disabilities. It is this Tom Whittaker that will speak to your people and, as Christopher Reeve said, will "Knock down barriers of limited expectations. "His story is a testament to courage, drive, and the power of the human spirit. It's for anyone who's ever faced a challenge, who's ever had his or her mountain to climb. He will inspire you, no matter what your ability, to be better than you thought you could be."

Topics Include:

  • Facing Fears
  • Perseverance
  • Differing Gratification
  • Self-discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Know Thy Self
  • Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Follow Through